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Corporate / Groups

LPGC provides a unique and welcoming atmosphere for businesses and groups that want a regular private location for meetings, get-togethers, networking, etc. 
For example – the PAD is a for a relaxed business meeting, real estate presentation or transaction closing, professional office meeting, after hours get-together, or other social networking purposes with added fun of indoor golf games, courses, and competitions available.  

Not  limited to just corporate or businesses – if you have any type of group – golf group, social group, etc. – we offer the ability for you to have a recurring group membership per the details below.    Note – additional facility access credentials are available in an increasing fashion as your corporate / group size requires!

Not ready to commit to a regular corporate or group commitment monthly? Contact us for setting up one-time or periodic (e.g. Quarterly) corporate / group events.  Please check out our “event” page/link for more information on aperiodic events.  

Examples of opportunities to utilize "The Pad" for corporate / group reasons.

  • As a perk to employees (consult your accountant for tax benefits)
  • Regular team-building events, "corporate leagues"
  • Corporate meeting / presentation – followed by some indoor FUN golf or internal competition!
  • Local course golf groups that want a private indoor climate-controlled indoor venue
  • Leagues, Par3 and Long Drive contests – with bragging rights !  
  • Fun, Family, Fellowship !  All in a great relaxed atmosphere !  

Membership Levels

Bushwood Silver

Up to 10 employees/members

Unlimited "overall" hours available
Blocks of 4 hours at time

3 facility access credentials


Bushwood Gold

Up to 20 employees/members

Unlimited "overall" hours available
Blocks of 4 hours at time

6 facility access credentials


Bushwood Platinum

21+ employees/members

Unlimited "overall" hours available
Blocks of 4 hours at time

12+ facility access credentials



*All prices exclusive of applicable Florida taxes

10% off corporate prices with pre-payment.



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