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Welcome to Launch Pad Golf Club, where you can play world-class golf any time, night or day, all in air-conditioned comfort, utilizing the same leading-edge simulator that the pros use: Trackman 4.  We provided a private, scheduled facility – perfect for all golfers – new and experienced – to enjoy golf practice and/or play – alone – or - with friends and family.   We can also host “one-time” or “periodic” events FOR you – where our TM experts run the simulator – and you and your group just enjoy the time!

At LPGC -- We are very focused on providing a fun, safe, and “family-friendly” facility.  We’re very pleased to have numerous family members who enjoy bonding time in a private scheduled manner.

Busy professional?   We are  very pleased to provide a great place for busy professionals with limited or no time for 4-5+ hour outdoor golf rounds – and no time to practice and assess their games.  We have members who use the PAD to hone their game, avoid the chaotic FLA weather, etc.

LPGC is a 24x7 location catering to all types of different customer needs – Check out our various membership options and concepts –– please call or email us to discuss various membership options!





Training: Work on your game by yourself or with your favorite instructor – train yourself both physically and mentally – build belief in your game !

Honing: Hone and refine your skills – get a solid understanding of each club and all the parameters that Trackman analytics can provide.  HONE your skills - compare your status with PGA/LPGA tour averages for each one!

Enjoying: Enjoy a climate controlled golf environment alone or with friends!  Enjoy some family-fun games that the kids will also enjoy ! 

Practice & Play: Practice, Practice, Practice – oh – and then Play: Every Pro / Instructor will tell you that to improve, Practice is essential. Practice anytime, day or night, and get relevant data as you do ! Play over 200 courses including Pebble Beach and many other quality courses.

Assess: Assess a myriad of data both on the hitting screen, and our large screen monitor positioned right near our Trackman.

Dedicate: Dedicated facility for those dedicated to better understanding the game. Dominate the many available Trackman courses, compete against friends.




Accessibility –

Your membership allows you to choose the time that’s right for you. Launch Pad is open twenty-fours a day, seven days a week. And weather is never an issue.

Perfect for any skill level –

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Launch Pad offers the ideal environment for playing and practicing.

Focus –

You can spend your time however you like, working on whatever skills you need to hone with your own clubs. Launch Pad gives you the focus you need.

Fun –

Bring up to three people with you and play a round at the course of your choosing while spending quality time with family and friends.

Improve –

Our leading-edge technology allows you to record and analyze your shots as well as capture high-definition images and videos so you can see where you need to improve.



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